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Consign An Item

From Consignment to Settlement

Have an item or items you’re considering parting with and wish to maximize your return? Simply contact us. An LCG representative will walk you through your options and our streamlined consignment process. Once you are comfortable with our tailored plan of action for your items, we will send over our digital consignment agreement. After your material arrives in-house, our experts meticulously prepare your items for sale. We arrange for professional grading (if needed), write carefully researched descriptions, and professionally photograph each of your items. LCG’s ideal presentation combined with focused marketing ensures maximum return on your treasured collectible.

Consignment Process

Contact Us

LCG wants to hear what you have! Our professional hobby consultants are standing by to answer any questions, discuss the consignment process, and determine if what you have will be suitable for our auction.

Plan of Action

At LCG, we are committed to getting the most out of your collectible. Our dedicated team of experts is here to connect with you and ready to develop a tailored game plan to ensure that you will receive the maximum return for your piece.

Ship Your Items

Our representatives will instruct you on how to safely and effectively pack and ship your items for a smooth arrival to LCG. You will be contacted immediately once your material arrives in-house.

We Prepare Your Items

LCG prides itself on showcasing your items in the best possible light to collectors. Upon receiving your collectibles, our experts will begin work on meticulously examing, professionally photographing, writing detailed descriptions, and arranging grading services (if needed) to prepare items for auction.

Auction Time

Once an LCG auction is officially live and bidding has commenced, we have great tools to assist you in following your lot and observing the progress of your collectible. Our state of the art bidding interface allows consignors to actively monitor incoming bids in real-time.

Pay Day

As soon as an auction ends, we begin certifying the receipt of payment from winning bidders. Upon confirmation, payment is disbursed directly and swiftly into the hands of our consignors, hassle-free and without delay.

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